AWISC 2 In The Works!

Yup, you heard that right! A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 2 is in the making! I never expected so many people to want more games from me, so, hopefully, this game will be better than the first. I'm calling it "Aesop's Fox". It takes place one year after the first game, and it will be separated into very long acts. I'm aiming for each act to be about 2 hours, but I might strive for longer. A lot of the complaints I got consisted of, "The ending was too sad," or "I wanted more of the characters," so, I assure you, dear player, you will be getting more screen time with these characters this time around! As for the ending, this game's ending won't be as sad as AWISC 1. I thought people sort of expected that the ending would be painful, but, nope. Surprisingly, people wanted my cannibalistic serial killer to live and get the girl.

Some important notes:

1) This game takes place in the "Pierre Ending" timeline, as I'll call it. Basically, if you didn't choose "Kill Pierre", you might not have any clue what's going on.

2) This game will take me way longer than the first one! I'm about to be hit with a tidal wave of things to do, so I might not have time to work on this game 24/7. I expect it to be done in a year (or longer).

3) THE SECOND GAME WILL COST MONEY. Depending on the length, expect it to be around $5-15. Still haven't decided yet.

4) I will be posting updates and spoiler-free progress reports on my Tumblr:

5) What's that? You want a preview of the next game?! You're in luck!

I hope you all will enjoy the next game even more than the first! Thank you for reading.

- Ronald

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a wolf in sheeps clothingreview 

This visual novel is pure art, I like how it shows Mercredi as someone who feels rejected by society, someone cold, someone without remorse, someone impulsive, someone who is capable of risking everything to achieve his goal, I also like how we they put in him the shoes of a sociopath who is capable of killing and moving on as if nothing had happened, as if he accepted his cold and murderous nature and the truth is that at some point in history I was able to sympathize a little with Mercredi because he imagines being in his shoes, imagine being a hybrid, imagine being the result of a manipulative and abusive relationship, imagine feeling guilty about the suffering of others.i also like the art and colors, when mercredi takes the photo and begins to remember the past everything is full of colors everything is alive while in the present we see everything with so few colors, as if she no longer felt alive and the color red is always present it is as if it wanted to tell us something.  I really liked this graphic novel, I love the ending, I like how he calmly accepts his ending, and I like that when he dies he's still there watching without any remorse. hello, this is my first in depth review (or something like that) I really liked your novel I hope you do another similar novel or a sequel talking about the life of the characters and finally sorry if there is any spelling error I'm using google translator English is not my language :D

MAKE IT AS EXPENSIVE AS POSSIBLE (Basically, add a lot of text<3)

This seems really interesting. I am excited for what this game will bring to the table.


I didn't mind the sad endings, despite how much sympathy I felt for everyone, I felt this could only end bad the moment we got the first dream. The "best" way I could've seen this game ending would be Mercredi being locked up in a mental institution for probably the rest of her life.

And yeah, I really do wish we got to know the characters a bit more, I loved all of them except for Mercredi's mother obviously. I hope to get that chance in this next game.

Very cool, maybe this is the first game i'll buy

Can't wait!! First game I'll actually spend money on, definitely gonna be worth it!

We will watch your career with great interest...